Our Private Client Services are made available to affluent clients seeking high degrees of professional competency and personalized service in the overall management of their wealth.  Our Private Client Services are selectively made available to a limited number of clients.  By doing so, we can concentrate our time and expertise upon devising sound wealth management strategies that resonate particularly well with those seeking to preserve wealth, protect it from potential future creditors, produce sustainable income streams, improve income-tax efficiency, and grow their overall asset base.

We initiate our Private Client Services process by first seeking to discover a comprehensive understanding of your current financial circumstances, and by analyzing them through the perspectives of the various professional disciplines in which we maintain credentials.] This discovery process enables us to identify those areas in your financial life where either you can be beneficially served by our firm, or whether you’d be better served by our referring you to a different firm.

Intelligently Personalized Solutions

If we can beneficially serve you, we then develop and present detailed action plans for you to consider employing that will specifically incorporate your unique requirements and address accomplishing your specific goals.  Afterwards, we work closely with our investment committee to design for you an intelligently personalized investment policy statement – a document serving to hold us accountable for our actions taken toward seeking to accomplish your specific objectives, thereby attempting to increase the probability of your achieving the goals that are financially important to you.

All of our Private Client Services solutions are individually personalized to each client.  We apply dynamic equity risk management techniques, while seeking to build upon the core tenets of asset allocation.  As such, we manage your portfolio by providing diversification across multiple asset classes, as well as incorporating (when appropriate) the use of various alternative investment vehicles to further diversify your portfolio.

Our Private Client Services are suitable for clients possessing investable assets of $1M or more.  [Physician clients are exempted from this minimum threshold, and those clients possessing investable assets between $500K and $1M (or who have unique circumstances indicating they may soon reach these asset levels) may be considered on a case-by-case basis].