What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is a very exclusive type of wealth management service. It is dedicated to serving the inordinately complex needs that ultimately arise from possessing significant amounts of wealth. These needs tend to be both financial and non-financial in nature, thereby requiring a holistic management approach to be applied when managing the ‘other business of the family’ – the family’s hard earned assets.

As such, a Family Office will typically work with a much smaller number of clients so that it can devote much more personal time toward managing its family client’s vast degrees of differing needs. These needs may involve the management of not only the family’s financial resources, but the family’s human, intellectual, and social capital resources as well.


Our Process and Resulting Solution

Many factors in today’s complex, ever changing economic and tax environment, coupled with increasingly complex family dynamics, work in concert to erode family wealth. Together, these economic and family governance forces create extreme challenges for wealthy families who desire to protect the powerful results, opportunities, and influence that their family wealth can create.

Our Family Office services seek to integrate (by harmonizing) the management of 13 fundamental objectives (see below). By integrating effectively, we can optimize the beneficial aspects of the consulting services we render while we concurrently work to mitigate the factors that may potentially erode family wealth. Family Office clients receive extremely high degrees of personal attention and service, access to sophisticated portfolio construction and monitoring tools, and access to alternative investments, among other things.

Moreover, we collaborate with your family’s existing advisors in order to form a cohesive and coordinated approach toward executing your family’s wealth management objectives. In this manner, we seek to become your family’s personal Chief Financial Officer, and to assist your family with the overall management of its wealth for generations to come.

Our Family Office services tend to be most suitable for families with $5M to $25M of investable resources.


Family Office Fundamental Objectives:

  1. Investment management
  2. Financial planning
  3. Tax planning (income & estate)
  4. Estate planning
  5. Cash flow management
  6. Risk management
  7. Philanthropic strategies
  8. Business operation / succession planning
  9. Debt/leverage management
  10. Family governance
  11. Family mentoring/education
  12. Lifestyle services
  13. Coordination of Professional services