No one needs to convince you that certain forms of insurance can effectively be used to protect your family’s wealth and assure that certain standards of living can always be made possible.  However, as a result of being a financially affluent family, you’ve likely been inundated with countless offers from insurance salesmen desiring to sell you some form of insurance policy to address these needs. 

Consequently, we employ a consultative approach to assist you in determining the unique types of policy designs you (or your business) should consider adopting.  Furthermore, when possible, we help you identify ways to make revisions to your existing policies to make them potentially serve you more effectively.  As your needs dictate, we also objectively analyze numerous insurance companies to help you determine which insurer can more cost-efficiently deliver overall value to you. 

As an independently owned consulting firm, we are not beholden to any particular insurance company.  In fact, no one employed in our firm is permitted to be dually employed by any insurance company.  Thus, our firm limits many of the conflicts of interest that can potentially arise when evaluating which of the numerous insurance companies we recommend for you to use.  As such, our evaluation process involves our comparing and contrasting the various features and benefits of each insurer’s policies to better help you determine which companies are most capable of providing the type of value being sought from your policy. 

Furthermore, as your advocate, we explore the actual contractual language contained in any policy we recommend to verify that it should meet the specific insurance portfolio design objectives we’ve assisted you in identifying.  We do not simply rely upon the insurance company’s stated policy benefits description when making recommendations to clients, as customarily occurs within the insurance sales industry.  Finally, we apply our income and estate tax planning strategy process to your insurance portfolio design, in order to make the features and benefits of the policies work for you in a more tax-preferred manner.

In this fashion, we specialize in designing and obtaining for both our individual and business clients the following types of insurance policy protection:

  • Life Insurance (both permanent and term)
  • Long-term Disability Income Replacement Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance