Vineyard Asset Management offers the following services to our clientele:

Family Office

A Family Office is a very exclusive type of wealth management service.  It is dedicated to serving the inordinately complex needs that ultimately arise from possessing significant amounts of wealth.  These needs tend to be both financial and non-financial in nature, thereby requiring a holistic management approach to be applied when managing the ‘other business of the family’ – the family’s hard earned assets. 

As such, a Family Office will typically work with a much smaller number of clients so that it can devote much more personal time toward managing its family client’s vast degrees of differing needs.  These needs may involve advising in the management of not only the family’s financial resources, but the family’s human, intellectual, and social capital resources as well. Read more

Private Client Services

Our Private Client Services are made available to affluent clients seeking high degrees of professional competency and personalized service in the overall management of their wealth.  Our Private Client Services are selectively made available to a limited number of clients.  By doing so, we can concentrate our time and expertise upon devising sound wealth management strategies that resonate particularly well with those seeking to preserve wealth, protect it from potential future creditors, produce sustainable income streams, improve income-tax efficiency, and grow their overall asset base. Read More